This is the official blog for the ‘do it yourself Doodler” project.  The ‘do it yourself Doodler” project is a series of drawings I’ve done on a series of pages from a 60’s era vintage doodle pad. Printed on each of the 39 sheets was a woman minus a few body parts and the phrase “do it yourself Doodler”.  I decided to make use of each of these sheets using some ink pens and occasionally whiteout.

When artist David Jablow was given a vintage novelty doodle pad with the suggestive outline of a seemingly nude woman on her hands and knees with mouth and ass areas left blank and undrawn like a visual, incredibly pornographic Mad Libs, he drew what anyone would draw: a giant radioactive archaeopteryx brandishing its terror-stricken human prey over the shrieking maws of its triple-headed baby. On another page from the same doodle-pad, a “Were-squirrel” chases down Mr. Peanut. Such scenarios are typical within the dazzlingly weird, dazzlingly effed-up “Do it yourself project”..-Hal Parker (Philadelphia Weekly)

all images/content©David Jablow

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  2. Josh Holton says:

    No way man! I just saw this last night on stumble.com and thought it was really cool. I had no idea it was you. Then this morning my mom sent me a message saying check out what David Jablow is doing. These are sweet.
    ps Do you still have any of that comic collection?

    • davidjablow says:

      Hey Josh!
      Thanks for the kind words..Yeah..the doodler drawings seem to be making the rounds on the internet. I’ll have to check Stumble.com..I had no idea they covered it..If you make it to the east coast over the holidays you’ll have to check them out..They’ll be up in a Philly gallery untill 1/2/11.

      Ah yes..the comics.. I slowly ebayed most of it away over the past few years. All of the choice stuff I kept or picked up in graphic novel collections..
      Hope the west coast is treating you well!

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  4. Michael Hall says:

    impressive man i love your creativity keep up the good work

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